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Heat sinks for power modules

Heat sinks for power modules characterised by fins and a flat area on which to place the components. Created to obtain a high-performance profile from a low-cost extruded profile.

Low and medium power profiles

Heatsinks for low to medium power characterized by various structures and sizes of fins, with a flat area intended for securing components

Embedded heat sinks

High-efficiency heatsinks created by joining modules pressed together. These high-efficiency heatsinks are built to reduce the cost of channelling air while providing high performance in a small space.

Profiles for disc cells

Heat sinks that are used to build three-phase bridges with natural air cooling are also made with different types of heat sinks and different types of components. By using modules, heatsinks of up to 700A can be used, and by using disc SCRs, 1900A can be achieved.

Profiles for devices with screw connections

Profiles with high thermal inertia for devices with high heat injection capacity. These heat sinks are used with a screw guide lane, which allows for easier clamping to the steelwork.

Heat sinks with clip system

Heat sinks fitted with an elastic element to hold the components applied to it. The advantage of this system is that it ensures an effective seal of the components applied by means of a fast-applying clip consisting of a sheet of elastically deformable material which does not require any special processing.

Welded heatsinks

Heatsinks created by joining one or more through a welded seam at the base of the block to achieve dimensions that an extruded profile would not be able to achieve.


Pre-calibrated device for diodes and thyristors. All metal surfaces are galvanically treated to prevent corrosion. Disc diode clamps are produced with different center distances and clamping settings. Components according to customer drawings can be supplied on request.

Assembled profiles

Heat sinks characterised by materials that can be aluminum and copper, which are made through a molecular chemical fusion between the solid and the fins, in order to make the custom heatsink super performing. Increasing the dissipation surface area by having a narrower fin pitch.

Fluid heatsinks

The plates for liquid cooling heatsinks with through-holes are produced through direct extrusion or deep drilling of solid plates

Cross-cut profiles

Custom profiles characterized by fins allowing for increased ventilation through forced and natural airflow, and enhanced dissipation by distributing the dissipated power across each fin

Cross-cut profiles


Extruded aluminum profiles used as conduits between the cooling fan and the finned part of the heatsink

Standard Profiles

The standard profiles serve a general purpose, as they are part of our production of heat sinks. They are used to create brackets, covers, and various accessories through CNC machining

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